About Us

Hello and welcome to PRICE'S! 

I'm Matt Price, the owner. Thanks for checking out this page to learn more about me and my business.

Like many other online businesses, I started out as a buyer on ebay, back in the early 2000's. Buying collectibles from my childhood. Reliving memories. Growing different collections. All the cool stuff I couldn't buy or afford as a child, were now attainable!

As my collection grew, I ended up with many duplicates of the same item. So what better way to buy more collectibles, than to sell my duplicates! And at that moment I was bit with the entrepreneur bug and opened my first ebay store. November 29th, 2004, I received my first PayPal payment.

As my friends and family learned about my hobby/business, I had many of them seek help consigning their items. Some had stuff taking up space they wanted to reclaim. Some had stuff from their childhood. Some had stuff they inherited from a loved one's estate. The list of reasons goes on. I've consigned everything from antiques to video games, automobiles to vehicles, knickknacks to swords! 

In the Spring of 2009, after 9 years working for a showerhead manufacturer, I was faced with a work layoff, due to outsourcing of jobs. I was at a crossroads on whether to find another job and keep doing ebay part time, or go all in. So I decided to cash in my retirement early and invest it all in my store. The next seven years I ran my business full time. 

Names & Slogans

Somewhere in that stretch, my father-in-law, recommended to me the name "Price Enterprises" for my businesses. So I went with that as an umbrella over all my entrepreneurial ventures.

As I grew my store on ebay I used a few different store names in pertinence to what I was selling. But after so many years, decided that I wanted to put it all on the line and use my last name for our store name. "PRICE'S" was born!

I refer to PRICE'S as "The Superstore of Superstores", because of the different categories/collections/stores inside! 

And the "Store You Always Wished For", because I want our customers to have the best experience they could ever wish for!

Present Day

Since I began this journey, a lot has transpired and changed in my life. I got married in 2007. Started my family in 2016, with our rainbow baby, William. And in 2019 we were blessed with another son, Lincoln!

Since my early days selling online a lot has changed. The markets grown more times that anyone I'm sure could have imagined. Forcing a lot of small businesses to throw in the towel. But I have it in my blood and am not ready to do that.  Still holding on to my business dreams and goals, hoping to rebuild to what it once was.

But in the mean time have went back to the workforce, as a custodian at my former high school. I really enjoy it and helping kids.


 The Price Family
Christmas 2022